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Terri honors her mother’s memory by granting wishes

“ Wishes give total happiness, joy and hope. ”

- Terri, wish-granting volunteer

Terri’s mother passed away in 2004. She was diagnosed with late stage cancer and she didn’t survive the onslaught of surgeries and therapy. It was tough for Terri to witness.

At one point during treatment, Terri asked her mother if there was anything she wanted to do – one last thing she had always wanted to do that she never got a chance to do. Immediately her mother’s eyes lit up. She said she wanted to ride in a red Corvette convertible. So, Terri got to work. She wanted her mother to have something to look forward to after her upcoming surgery.

But her mother never got a chance to ride in that red convertible.  Several weeks after the surgery, she passed away. Terri says she felt guilty she couldn’t give her mother that one last thing her mother wanted to do.

Days later, Terri saw an advertisement in her local paper about volunteering for Make-A-Wish to help grant children’s wishes and she was motivated to take the opportunity to become a wish-granting volunteer.

“Now I get to grant wishes for other people in need,” Terri said. “Through that, I honor my mother’s memory.” 

Terri says most of the wishes are simple to grant. A lot of children simply want to travel, meet their celebrity hero or in some way escape their hospital environment. It doesn’t take an immense time commitment for a volunteer to have an impact on a child’s life.

But as someone in the construction industry, she loves more ambitious wishes like one wish where she had to recruit co-workers and work contacts to help build a backyard play set with all the trimmings for a young girl.

“The kids are so creative and after the build, the after party is really rewarding,” Terri said. 

Whatever the scope of the wish, the effect and the impact is the same. Terri says she feels blessed to have the opportunity to help kids fight critical illnesses by giving them joy. Studies show that wish kids get emotional and physical benefits from their wish experience that can aid in their fight against illness.

“Granting wishes improves their immune system with happiness. Wishes give total happiness, joy and hope,” Terri said. “Hope is the really big one.”

Join Terri and our network of wish-granting volunteers today.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity to work with these kids and make their wishes come true,” Terri said.

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