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Nancy: A Wish-Granting Hero with Many Little Heroes

Wish-granting volunteer Nancy poses against the playset she helped install for wish kid Veena.

“ Each kid is my hero. ”

- Nancy, wish-granting volunteer

Many of us wonder where Nancy Foster Mills, a Tri-Cities wish-granting volunteer, gets all of her energy and creativity. Finally, she revealed her secret: wish kids.

Wish recipient Ryan enjoys a wish presentation party with volunteer Nancy Foster Mills.“My favorite part of volunteering for Make-A-Wish is the inspiration I get from the kids,” she said. “They just roll with the punches. Each kid is my hero.”

Before joining the Make-A-Wish® Washington team in 2011, Nancy volunteered as a local Tae Kwon Do instructor for children between the ages of four and six, and for Destination Imagination, a team problem-solving and improvisation program for kids.

According to Regional Co-Director, Leslie Woodfill, Nancy has brought that creativity and enthusiasm her wishes. “Nancy takes on a wish with a heart full of determination to make it the best and most exciting experience for the wish child,” said Leslie. “She goes to every measure to bring joy to the wish child."

From a wish to be a broadcaster to a wish for a backyard play set, Nancy knows how to make every wish experience special to that particular child. “She makes the wish personal,” said Leslie. “She makes sure the wish child’s personality is brought out in the wish experience.” 

For Nancy, granting wishes is not just about the wish kids—it’s also about how these wish experiences have impacted her. “Volunteering for Make-A-Wish has reminded me of how precious life is and helps me put my own disabilities and life in perspective,” she said.

We currently have more wish kids than volunteers in Tri-Cities! Join us for an upcoming online volunteer training to get started.

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