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One year of wish granting and still going strong: Christina’s story

  • Christina helps wish children prepare for their wishes

  • Christina was inspired to become a wish-granting volunteer after a friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer

  • Christina granted her first wish in 2012

“ Knowing that I have brought some amount of joy and hope to a wish child and their family... is invaluable. ”

- Christina, wish-granting volunteer

Christina witnessed first-hand what it is like for a family to have a life-threatening medical condition when her friend's daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2010.

After that, everything changed.Christina looks forward to granting more wishes to local children

“It was heartbreaking to see what these kids and families go through,” explained Christina. From this experience, Christina decided that she wanted to be a wish-granting volunteer to help more other kids and families.  She granted her first wish in 2012.

Christina has trouble choosing just one favorite moment of being a wish-granting volunteer. But if she had to, it would be every time she can say the five magical words to a wish child; “Your wish is coming true.”

Christina also loves the part of wish-granting that can be measured in hugs and smiles.  “Knowing that I have brought some amount of joy and hope to a wish child and their family, during a very difficult and discouraging time in their lives, is invaluable,” Christina said. 

Right now, Christina is working with a six-year-old girl battling a brain tumor whose wish is to go to Disneyland® to meet her favorite princess. “I think it’s perfectly fitting that she meets her favorite princess since she is such a beautiful and special one herself,” she said.

Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington is in need of wish-granting volunteers like Christina. If you’re interested in becoming a wish granter, join us for an upcoming online training

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