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The Creative Behind Wish Night

Dave and Jennie Moore help grant wishes by donating their time and talent.

“ There are so many different wishes; there’s something for everyone to contribute! ”

- Jennie Moore

"There are so many different wishes; there’s something for everyone to contribute!”

Jennie Moore vividly remembers the day her life changed as she walked into the classroom at School of Visual Concepts, “many, many years ago.”

“I saw this really cute guy at the end of the table who had the longest eyelashes I’d ever seen, and there was an empty space beside him,” she said. Normally shy Jennie took the leap and sat down next to him. For three months, they worked together daily on their portfolios. Dave, an art director, and Jennie, a writer, found they made a great team.

Today, after 18 years of marriage, Dave and Jennie Moore still make a great team. And one of their favorite projects is volunteering their time and talent to develop the theme and design concept for Wish Night® Gala & Auction, Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington’s signature annual fundraising event. Jennie has donated her professional creative writing services on Wish Night since 2009. Dave joined her by lending his art design skills a few years later and the two have been the powerhouse behind the event theme and design since 2013.

Dave and Jennie Moore at Wish Night

Each year is different—the theme, the décor, the inspirational wish stories—but one constant is the sense of awe and wonder when Dave and Jennie see their themes brought to life.

“It’s always one of the highlights for me to see the theme and artwork interpreted and put into a living space,” said Dave. “It’s in an ice sculpture! It’s put in chocolate! It’s super-rewarding to see all the people who take the creative thought we’ve made and add their parts to put it together.”

Dave and Jennie’s event theme and design concepts have saved the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars as they donate all of their time. Their process usually starts the summer prior to the event, when the featured wishes are selected and brainstorming begins.

“We go on a long walk and talk about it,” said Dave. “For us, the challenge is finding the most powerful human truth inspired by a wish that can also apply to the whole organization. We want the person coming to the event to become part of that truth; to help them see they are a part of these wishes.”

The themes are as rich and varied as wishes themselves: there was the year of Heroes Among Us in celebration of Carl’s wish to be a WWII fighter pilot, Hope Rides In inspired by Carmel’s wish to “ride horseys in the mountains,” and Mission: Incredible highlighting Colby’s wish to be a secret agent, just to name a few.

This year’s event features Magnus’ wish to be a landscaper and Ainsley’s wish to have an accessible backyard space. That’s where the theme—Where Love Grows—was born.

“There’s so much connection to growth and inspiration and hope and future,” said Jennie. “It’s such a rich metaphor that all ties back to the wish experience.”

Join us at Wish Night Gala & Auction: Where Love Grows on Saturday, June 6, 2020, and see Dave and Jennie’s theme brought to life.

Today, Dave is the founder and creative director of Moore and More and Jennie is a creative director and writer at WONGDOODY. They still make it a priority to donate their time and talents for Wish Night every year.

“Everyone has something to give,” said Jennie. “A lot of people don’t realize their day-to-day job could help the organization. There are so many different wishes and needs; there’s something for everyone to contribute!”

“Any involvement with Make-A-Wish is very rewarding,” said Dave. “You can see the difference you make in a family’s life.”

Thank you, Dave and Jennie, for giving wish stories the stage to shine! If you have professional services that you would like to share with Make-A-Wish, please reach out today.

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