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Make-A-Wish brings Bungie Foundation together

Bungie Foundation has been making wishes come true since 2001.

“ When a wish child’s one heartfelt wish is to visit Bungie, it allows us to bring light to a child during a dark time. ”

- Christine Edwards, Bungie Foundation

Bungie Foundation

Bungie Foundation is one of Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington’s most loyal and generous supporters. It’s a partnership dating back 15 years, when Bungie granted its first wish for 17-year-old Brian, who wished to meet the developers of popular video game Halo.

Over the years, Bungie has chosen many ways to be involved with Make-A-Wish. This vast level of support allows Bungie employees from all reaches of the company to experience wishes in different roles. In fact, this widespread support has become part of the company culture.

“I'm grateful that Bungie and Make-A-Wish have given us the opportunity to make others happy by sharing what we do,” said composer Skye Lewin.

“It’s totally humbling and inspiring when the games we make become a source of strength and happiness for the people who need those things the most,” said David Dague, content and communications manager.

Bungie’s support ranges from sponsoring events to participating in the Giving Tree program to providing tours for wish children and their families. And Bungie employees find that they get just as much joy and excitement out of being a part of a wish as the wish child does.

“It is my joyous and humble pleasure to spend my time meeting, greeting and exploring behind-the-scenes with these young folks,” said senior artist Andy Williams. “I always hope to be a part of bringing in our courageous young fans to look behind the curtain with us.”

“It is a humbling and energizing experience, said technical artist Rachel Swaverly of being involved in a child’s wish. “I strive to give them the best experience here and when they play our game. I always look forward to the visits!”

But, it is by covering the cost of computer and electronics wishes that expands Bungie’s exposure to children who desire to use technology for entertainment beyond gaming. “Each electronics wish provides an opportunity to put our minds together to be creative, and use our passion to positively impact a child’s life,” said Edwards.

“I love finding out about their family, and their dreams,” said Troy McFarland, motion capture lead. “I am honored to be chosen to be able to be a small part of a reprieve from whatever they are challenged with at this moment in their lives.”

Bungie has granted 30 studio tour wishes and provided more than $300,000 in in-kind support to Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington since 2001, and we thank them for their support!

I think it’s vital to give back to our community at every opportunity, and it’s my personal goal that these kids leave my lab feeling empowered, excited and inspired. ”

— Jonathon Dobbs, playtest lead

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Noah Brothers

I the kids or any they should have a good life

August 04, 2016 - 9:07 AM

Andrew Trudeau

I think the cause is splendid

November 20, 2016 - 11:16 PM

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