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The Seahawks Give Kevin a Touchdown Wish

  • It's a done deal. Kevin signs a five-year contract with the Seahawks.
    © Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin.

  • Percy Harvin shares some football tips over lunch.
    © Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin.

  • Richard Sherman helps Kevin stretch out before football drills.
    © Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin.

  • Kevin focuses on football drills with the team.
    © Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin.

  • What a scrimmage! Earl Thomas and Nate Burleson congratulate Kevin on a good game.
    © Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin.

  • Kevin and his family will never forget the day they were made a part of the Seahawks family.
    © Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin.

“ It was way more than I hoped or expected. ”

- Kevin

The moment Kevin found out his wish to play football with the Seattle Seahawks would be granted, Kevin thought he couldn't be happier. But this was just the first surprise of many for this 11-year-old football fanatic.

The next shock came with a knock on the door.

As he opened it a man with balloons stood before him. Kevin’s dad had flown home from Qatar just to be a part of his son’s wish. “I didn't want my wish without my dad,” said Kevin. “I was very excited he was able to be there.”

Born without one of the chambers of his heart, Kevin has dealt with many treatments and procedures while battling a life-threatening heart condition, including four heart surgeries. In June of 2013, Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington granted Kevin's wish to play football with his favorite team alongside his family. Kevin has been a fan of Russell Wilson since he played college football at Wisconsin and has followed the Seahawks since their 2010-2011 season. Wilson was drafted to the Seahawks in 2012, adding another reason for Kevin to cheer for the team.   

Kevin’s wish day began with a limo ride to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Donning his new Seahawks jersey, he was immediately greeted by the Seagals and throngs of his fans all cheering his name. “I gave high fives and signed autographs like a true NFL player,” said Kevin.

This professional player in the making then proceeded to the press room where he “signed” a five-year contract with the team, making him a true Seahawk. The rest of the afternoon included watching the team practice from the sidelines, getting some time on the field where he scored his first NFL touchdown – complete with a touchdown dance – and eating lunch with some of his favorite stars.

“It was way more than I hoped or expected,” said Kevin.

Kevin returned from his wish with many autographs and lots of Seahawks paraphernalia, but, more importantly, he brought back with him a new confidence to help push him through any medical battles ahead.

“I have noticed he is more accepting of his illness and he has more confidence in himself,” said Dawn, Kevin’s mom. “He is happy and whenever he has to deal with medical things, he reflects on that experience and it puts a smile on his face and makes everything just a little bit easier.”

Special thanks to the Seattle Seahawks, Make-A-Wish® Michigan, British Motor Coach, Seattle Space Needle, Hotel Vintage Park, Russell Wilson, Golden Tate, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Brady T. Quinn, Percy Harvin, Pete Carroll, Brandon Browner

Whenever he has to deal with medical things, he reflects on [the wish] experience and it puts a smile on his face. ”

— Dawn, Kevin's mom

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Doug Richardson

Way to go to everyone that put this together ... Russell Wilson you are a great role model, Wisconsin Badger alumni everywhere are very proud of you, even those of us that live in Denver CO less than a mile from Mile High ... your off field efforts are really great too. :)

February 14, 2014 - 12:18 AM

Carol Thibeault

God Bless you Kevin.

February 14, 2014 - 12:47 PM

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