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Wishes in a Half Shell! Turtle Power!

  • Ninja Jace prepares to bust a move with his heroes.
    © Photo courtesy of Jesa Tidwell.

  • Jace is led on a scavenger hunt through the local Fred Meyer.
    © Photo courtesy of Jesa Tidwell.

  • Wishes give kids like Jace strength to keep battling their medical conditions.
    © Photo courtesy of Jesa Tidwell.

  • One in four kids like Jace isn't receiving a wish due to lack of funding.
    © Photo courtesy of Jesa Tidwell.

  • You can be a hero to wish kids like Jace. Volunteers are needed to make wishes come true.
    © Photo courtesy of Jesa Tidwell.

“ Seeing my grandson and the smile on his face was amazing. ”

- Kathy, Jace's grandma

Jace has a special ninja dance. This isn't any old ninja dance. It's the dance he does to take his mind off his battle with leukemia.

When presented with the opportunity to receive a wish, five-year-old Jace decided to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Florida. Finally, he could dance with his heroes. 

Jace's wish starts at home!

The night before he departed on his wish trip, Jace's volunteers arranged a scavenger hunt at the local Fred Meyer store. 

Jace ran down the aisles—through the clothing department and frozen food sections—picking up clues. When he reached the Electronics section, he found two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

And they danced for Jace.

Jace's new reptile friends presented him with a ninja bandana, a turtle-shell backpack and other fun ninja gear for his trip. In no time, Jace and his family found themselves at the Total Turtle Takeover at Nickelodeon Suites Resort with all of Jace's new gear in tow.

"Jace knew he was going to see the ninja turtles. But, when he saw them at the pizza party, it was amazing," said Jace's grandma, Kathy. "I had tears coming down my face. After all he's been through... I can't even explain it."

Jace is back home now, and he's already choreographed a new and improved ninja dance.

"Seeing my grandson and the smile on his face was amazing," said Kathy.

There is power in a wish. Wishes are an important part of total patient care and have significant impact on a child's health. In fact, Make-A-Wish has gathered extensive survey data indicating that health – mental, emotional and physical – improves for children who receive a wish. Wishes help kids like Jace find the strength to dance, smile and laugh again. You can make a difference in a child's life.

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Special thanks: wish-granting volunteers Dorothy Laiti and Danielle Cebasco, Alaska Airlines, Lisa Laiti, Madison Morey, John Denny and Family, Make-A-Wish® Central Florida and Fred Meyer

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