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You helped Faith find her voice

  • Faith and her family meet Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel.
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Faith gets ready for Jodi’s performance.
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Faith and family on their way to meet Jodi, thanks to Alaska Airlines.
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

“ She just smiled... ”

- Amanda, Faith's mom

Adopt-A-Wish® Sponsor: Harnish Foundation

“When Faith sings, she doesn’t make noise,” said wish mom Amanda.

Faith’s eyes light up, her lips move, and yet no sound comes out.

Like her favorite mermaid princess, Faith lost her voice. It happened before birth due to a life-threatening disorder called Schizencephaly that makes her unable to control her muscles.

Also like the mermaid princess, Faith isn’t able to move easily on land. Maybe that’s why she connects with Ariel—from her wheelchair. Every week, Faith spends hours in physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and feeding therapy.

Faith might be “trapped in her body” as her mom Amanda says, but this 12-year-old girl navigates life with determination. Her eyes and her smile show joy. And although she can’t speak the normal way, she is able to type letters into an iPad and mouth words. She can laugh and squeal.

When presented with a wish, Faith chose to find her voice– that beautiful voice of Ariel.

Thanks to you, she did just that.

Faith traveled to Florida to meet Jodi Benson – the voice of the Disney princess, Ariel– and attend the Candlelight Processional at Epcot Center. Before the show, Jodi came out to meet Faith. She held her hand and led Faith through the crowd to the rehearsal room.

The other singers cheered for Faith and Jodi when they arrived.

“She didn’t breathe the entire time. She just smiled and stared,” said wish mom, Amanda

And when Jodi Benson began to sing, Faith knew it.

She’d found her voice.

Special thanks: Wish-granting volunteer Philip Ball, Sugarspoon, Give Kids the World, Alaska Airlines, Jodi Benson, Joelene Conley, Gap, Disney, Adopt-A-Wish sponsor The Harnish Foundation

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