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You helped Carsten meet "the best players in the whole wide world!"

Carsten wished to meet the Seahawks

“ I like the Seahawks because they’re the best players in the whole wide world. ”

- Carsten, wish kid

For seven-year-old Carsten, football is more than a game. It’s a family lifestyle.

Carsten is battling Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which significantly limits his mobility. His mom Elisa says, “For the family, watching football is something we can do with Carsten, because it’s not physically active.”

Football time is family time for this family of seven children! “We can sit down and talk about the game and we can all enjoy it together,” says Elisa.

Carsten loves the game, but he’s very specific about his favorite team: the Seattle Seahawks. That’s why Carsten wished to meet his favorite team—in particular, he wanted to meet Russell Wilson.

On the way to the field, Carsten enjoyed VIP treatment. “The sparkling cider in the limo was my favorite part of the ride,” he said. 

“Awesome,” was the word Carsten used to describe this meeting… and he was happy to have his entire family with him: mom, dad, five brothers and his sister.

Over the course of his wish trip, Carsten had his football signed by the players, he petted the hawk at the beginning of the game, and he met famed players and Coach Carroll. Meeting Russell Wilson was a highlight. When asked what moment exactly, Carsten said, “Standing next to him [Russell Wilson]. He was really tall.”

Carsten, a spitfire little football fan said it best: “I like the Seahawks because they’re the best players in the whole wide world.”

“I’m really thankful,” said Carsten about the whole wish experience.

Go, Hawks!

Special Thanks: Seattle Seahawks, Volunteers Christine Saling and Christopher Johnson, Jessica and Michael Pryde, British Motorcoach, Hyatt Hotel

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