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Stephanie Publishes Her Book to Escape into the World of Fantasy

  • Stephanie arrives at her book signing event
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  • "It's perfect!" Stephanie says upon seeing her book for the first time
    © Scott Harder, Mill Creek Multimedia

  • Stephanie answers questions about her book
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  • Like a pro, Stephanie reads an excerpt from her book
    © Scott Harder, Mill Creek Multimedia

  • After reading, Stephanie signs books for her fans
    © Scott Harder, Mill Creek Multimedia

  • People of all ages waited eagerly for Stephanie to sign their books
    © Scott Harder, Mill Creek Multimedia

“ Having my wish granted has changed my life. ”

- Stephanie

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Fifteen-year-old Stephanie added something to her resume that most people only dream of, and she hadn't even graduated high school yet. She is a published author.

Stephanie book bio pictureA dream of hers since she was a little girl, Stephanie realized her wish when Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington partnered with Scholastic Books to publish her fantasy/science fiction novel, "The Ruby Heart." Scholastic recruited acclaimed publishers Arthur Levine and Cheryl Klein, the editors of the American versions of "Harry Potter," to edit her book. To top it off, the design team behind "The Hunger Games" cover art created the cover artwork to her book.

"Stephanie is an inspiration to anyone who hopes and dreams of being a writer," said Arthur Levine, VP, Publisher Arthur A. Levine Books at Scholastic. "No one could have faced more obstacles to completing this novel and yet she kept at it no matter how difficult the going became."

Stephanie used books to escape the "real world" which, for her, was an ongoing battle with brain cancer. She wrote the book while undergoing treatment for a brain tumor.

This young author beamed from ear to ear and professed "it's perfect" upon seeing it for the first time at her book party reveal. In front of family, friends and throngs of adoring fans, like a true pro, she read an excerpt and answered questions. She then signed hundreds of books before returning home in her limo.

After the whirlwind evening, Stephanie said, "Having my wish granted has changed my life because my writing is now out in the world," she said. "Publishing my book has given me the chance to share my writing and all the positive feedback has raised the confidence I have in myself and my writing."

A wish never fades:
We are sad to report that Stephanie has lost her battle against cancer. Her wish continues to inspire those in the community and we are so grateful to have brought hope, strength, and joy into her life.

Special thanks: Wish granting volunteers Dolly Newman and John Murdoch; Event volunteers Annie Gulian, Gail Joyce, James Ortiz, Whitney Walker; Barnes & Noble; Command Web; Cheryl Klein; Arthur Levine; Make-A-Wish® Metro New York; Mill Creek Multimedia; Scholastic Inc.; and all our Facebook and Twitter friends who spread the word and turned out for Stephanie's book signing

Stephanie is an inspiration to anyone who hopes and dreams of being a writer. ”

— Arthur Levine, publisher

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