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Sierra's Wish Helps Her Blaze New Trails

  • Sierra's wish gave her the mobility to explore nature.

  • Now, Sierra's family can enjoy hiking together again.

  • Sierra's wish-granting volunteers presented her with a new Trail Rider.

“ The Trail Rider is the greatest gift ever for our family to enjoy nature together and stay in shape. ”

- wish dad Dan

Sierra spent much of her childhood in her dad’s hiking backpack, exploring the Pacific Northwest and all its wonders. Sierra has Aicardi syndrome, a rare neurologic condition that causes mobility, speaking and cognitive delays so she’s unable to walk a trail on her own. When she outgrew the backpack, her family had to find a new way to continue their adventures. You helped make this possible.

“She has always loved to explore,” said wish dad, Dan. “She always laughed when we would duck under branches or brush by bushes.”

Unfortunately, Sierra eventually outgrew her backpack. The adventures became more and more spread out or the family would divide up so someone could stay home with Sierra.

Sierra’s access to outdoor recreation, a source of happiness for her, became very restricted.

Her big world suddenly turned small, until Sierra’s parents discovered the Trail Rider: a device designed to help people with disabilities explore the wilderness. The family began renting one for their annual trip to Montana, but the process was filled with logistics and appointments; something Sierra’s family was very familiar with and tired of.

When 13-year-old Sierra found out she qualified for a wish, she chose to have her very own Trail Rider.

The annual trip to Montana was coming up, and Sierra’s parents had already reserved a Trail Rider. Nonetheless, they asked their wish-granting volunteers, HayleeMae and Kristi, if they could speed up the wish process, and ta-da! HayleeMae and Kristi worked some magic and Sierra was able to pick up her shiny new Trail Rider before leaving for Montana.

Because you helped give Sierra a Trail Rider, she is now able to be her adventurous self again and do what she loves.

“Gifting Sierra a Trail Rider has given Sierra her freedom to get out and enjoy the outdoors with her family,” said Dan.

Once more, Sierra can explore hiking trails, parks, beaches and much more with her whole family. This wish is one that keeps on giving with every new adventure Sierra now has access to.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” said Dan. “If you were to meet Sierra, she would give you a big bear hug, whether you want one or not.”

Special thanks to wish-granting volunteers HayleeMae Dennis and Kristi Reynolds for making this wish come true.
She has always loved to explore. She always laughed when we would duck under branches or brush by bushes. ”

— wish dad, Dan

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