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Ori's Wish for a Comfortable Home

Ori's life was transformed with a new heating and cooling system.

“ Thanks for making my daughter feel special. It’s nice that other people want to recognize and celebrate her, because she’s such a special human being. ”

- Shira, Wish mom

"When you are granted a wish, you’re already in a situation that is stressful and sometimes you just power through life without stepping away and having a glimmering moment,” said wish mom, Shira. Because of a wish, Shira’s five-year-old daughter Ori is now able to enjoy many more great moments in the comfort of her home.

Ori faces challenges every day, and a life-threatening breathing disorder makes spending time at her family’s home at times unbearable.

Ori’s parents and wish-granting volunteers knew her perfect wish would be something she could use frequently and that would make her life easier.

Ori’s wish came into focus when the weather heated up. Most people take our bodies’ natural ability to adjust to temperature for granted, but for Ori, a change in temperature can trigger serious medical complications. A room that was too cold meant piling on the blankets and restless sleep, and a room that was too hot left her at risk for seizures.

Her family often spent time together in the one room that provided the best environment for Ori, but having to stay in that room sometimes became overwhelming for her.

So she wished to have a ductless heating and cooling system, which would allow her to live comfortably in any room of her home.

That’s when the community came together to grant Ori’s wish. CM Heating immediately stepped in to provide and install a system that would make Ori’s life better.

“When you have a kid in a great deal of discomfort, feeling comfortable in their own home is certainly important and life-altering,” said John Giacomi, vice president of CM Heating.  His company worked closely with Ori’s family to ensure they had the perfect specialized heating system installed.

The new system not only provides a consistent temperature for every room in the house, but also allows Ori to move around her home on her own with comfort and ease, and enjoy time with her family all that much more. 

“It gives us the freedom to be in separate rooms, rather than cooped up with one another,” said Shira. “We can use the whole home to give Ori what she needs.”

And Ori’s wish helped her family find strength from the kindness of our community.

“It makes you feel like you’re not alone,” said Shira. “When you come across the people who will help you, it’s very humbling. It’s really nice that there’s a community out there that lets you concentrate on your kid.”

In the past four years, our waiting list has doubled. Right now, more than 500 kids are waiting for a wish and that’s just the beginning.  1 in 5 kids are not being referred to our program because they don’t know about us. We need you more than ever so we can reach our vision to grant a wish to every eligible child. Get involved today.

Special thanks to Adopt-A-Wish


sponsor Mark and Vickie Nysether, CM Heating, and wish-granting volunteers Lou Cutler and Sasha Habash.

It's something like this to make you understand how much you really are loved by the people who love you. ”

— Shira, Wish mom

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