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Marc Inspires with Original Piano Music

“ It's a symbol of my life. ”

- Marc, wish recipient

Every morning and night, 17-year-old wish recipient Marc sits down at his piano and gets lost in a world of music.

His fingers caress the black and ivory keys and he’s off to a magical place far away from pills, breathing treatments and inhalers. “Piano is so important to me because it serves as an escape from the pressures of living with cystic fibrosis,” he said.

Diagnosed at eight-months-old, Marc has used the piano as a way to cope with this disease his entire life. “For one hour every morning and every evening, I play the piano while simultaneously doing my treatments, which is why I’m so awesome on the piano.”

With the help of our generous supporters like you, Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington was able to shine a light on that talent when we granted his wish to record his music. He spent several days recording his album and shared the inspirational result at a private concert, followed by a CD signing party.

“Having my music recorded... means everything to me," says Marc. "It’s a symbol of my life and one of my greatest achievements. My Make-A-Wish experience has been nothing short of inspiring. No words can describe how amazing that night was... all of these special moments were like building blocks of my self-esteem.”

Marc's wish to record and share his music has now gotten a little bigger. Since Marc's wish was granted, Starbucks® has added two of Marc’s songs – “Hummingbird” and “Set Free” – to Starbucks in-house music mix during the month of December. Product Manager for Starbucks® In-Store Entertainment, David Legry, says next year they'll "go global" and will be included in the music selections played in Starbucks® stores in Europe, Latin America and Japan. Read more here:

To listen to Marc's music, visit

  • Marc practices two hours a day during his treatments for cystic fibrosis.
    © Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Multimedia.

  • Music has been a way for Marc to cope with his life-long medical condition.
    © Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Multimedia.

  • An inspiration to others, Marc autographs copies of his CD.
    © Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Multimedia.

  • Other children, like Marc, are waiting for the life-changing experience of a wish. You can help.
    © Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Multimedia.

No words can describe how amazing that night was. ”

— Marc, wish recipient

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