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Josh's wish to have a room redecoration continues to provide happiness

  • Josh was in for a big surprise when his wish came true-the reveal of his new game room!

  • Josh's wish gave him something to look forward to during difficult times.

“ Josh’s wish brought our family through this time of helplessness and humility. ”

- wish mom Hazel

Adopt-A-Wish® Sponsor Subaru

In 2012, four-year-old Josh dreamed of having a place where he could leave the pain and anxiety of the hospital behind.

Josh was born with kidney disease. One of his kidneys didn’t function at all; the other at just 30 percent. At three years old, Josh had to have a life-saving kidney transplant.

“He had his fourth birthday at the hospital right after this transplant,” said Josh’s mom, Hazel. “The transplant was really hard. He couldn’t do a whole lot of anything; he couldn’t run and jump and play like he wanted to.”

Thanks to the generosity of the community and Adopt-A-Wish® sponsor Roy Robinson Subaru, Josh and his family got a break from the stresses of life post-transplant when his wish came true.

Josh wished for a room redecoration so that he would have a place to play, and a place to share with friends and family.

“Josh’s wish brought our family through this time of helplessness and humility,” said Hazel. “For so long, you’re at everyone else’s mercy for help and kindness, and then a wish brings you to a moment of celebration.”

“The fact that Roy Robinson and our community made that happen means so much,” said Hazel. “That was a very lasting impression that it made on me, as a mom. It was an amazing experience for the whole family.”

Now eight years old, Josh has been diagnosed with a second life-threatening blood condition. He has infusions at the hospital every two weeks, just to manage this rare condition.

As soon as he’s done at the hospital, he can’t wait to get home to his game room.

Josh’s game room continues to be a meeting place for the community, and will be for years to come.

But more importantly, Josh’s wish brought light during a difficult time. His wish shows the power our community has to make an impact on a child’s life at a time when they need it most.

“Wishes are important because they really help to bring a sense of self to these kids,” said Hazel. “It tells them they’re worth something—this big wish—and not just pokes, prods, medication and hospitals. It tells them they are worth happiness.”

Wishes like Josh’s are possible with the generous support of our community. If your company or organization is interested in adopting a wish, contact us at or 800.304.9474 to get started today.

Special thanks to Adopt-A-Wish sponsor Roy Robinson Subaru and wish-granting volunteers Jeff Nelson and Gina King.

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