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“ The wish was definitely something that has forever changed our family. ”

- Larissa, wish mom

Do you ever wonder how much wishes matter?

Wonder no more.

Meet ten-year-old Jewel and her seizure alert poodle Chapelle.

Jewel has been battling a rare genetic condition all her life. Among many medical challenges, Jewel has seizures, and she spends a lot of time in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and special education.
When she found out she would receive a wish, Jewel and her family knew the perfect fit: a seizure alert dog that could detect seizures and accompany her in life.

Wishes can’t always happen overnight, and Jewel and her family waited a long time to be matched with a perfect dog. But according to Jewel’s mom Larissa, the wait was worth it. “It was meant to happen when it did, and to receive the dog that we did. We’re so thankful that we're able to have the gift of Jewel’s own seizure dog. It's a comfort to us that she has a steadfast companion with her all day.”

Jewel’s wish is transformational. Not only does Chapelle detect even the slightest change in her health, she also gives Jewel a new presence in her community. Her mom loves hearing from friends that they’ve seen Jewel and Chapelle at the park at school or in other places in the community.

For a little girl with so many medical challenges, Chapelle provides a sense of normalcy and companionship that is invaluable and allows her to interact more easily in daily activities.

“The wish was definitely something that has forever changed our family,” said wish mom Larissa.

Every day, Jewel and her family experience the tangible impact of a wish granted.

Side by side, they navigate a world that is filled with more hope, security and strength.

Special Thanks:
Petland, Alaska Airlines, Wish-granting volunteer Paige Bernhardt, CARES Inc.

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