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It took a village to grant Jelani’s wish!

Jelani wished to have a wheelchair bike. Photo courtesy wish family

“ We will have many, many years of fun out of the bike. ”

- Kerry, wish mom

Way up north in Alaska, wish kid Jelani waited for his wish to come true. This 13-year-old boy, battling intractable epilepsy, has extremely limited mobility and is unable to participate in most outdoor adventures with his family.

That’s why he wished to have a wheelchair bike. His family dreamed of the day they could all be outside together biking.

But, it’s not so easy to get a wheelchair bike to Alaska.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, Jelani’s wish coordinator received a message from a woman named Lynne in Eastern Washington. Her cousin’s son, Carsyn, had recently passed away after receiving a wheelchair bike.

Lynne wanted to know if there was a wish child in need of a wheelchair bike.

The timing was perfect. It was almost too good to be true that this nearly brand new bike was available to help another child—and it was the exact bike Jelani needed.

However, it’s not easy to get a wheelchair bike from Eastern Washington to Alaska…especially when it needed a few adjustments.

That’s when the community stepped up—in a big way!

First, the bike needed special parts to help Jelani stay secure. A generous man named Drew stepped in to help order and install the needed parts.

Then the bike needed to begin the long journey from Eastern Washington to Seattle…and finally via ship to Alaska.

“Every step of the way, people lovingly handled it,” says Jelani’s wish coordinator.  

Numotion transported the bike to Seattle. Once there, Recycled Cycles Seattle crated the bike for safe transit, and TOTE Maritime Alaska transported it via ship from Seattle to Anchorage. Finally, Carlile Transportation trucked Jelani’s precious cargo up to Fairbanks.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the community, Jelani’s bike made it safely, and his wish came true just before spring.

In March, Jelani arrived at The Alaska Club in Fairbanks, and he was able to ride on his new bike with his family.

“I haven’t seen him smile that much in years, and that is no exaggeration,” says Jelani’s mom, Kerry.

This summer, you might catch a glimpse of Jelani enjoying the beautiful Alaska summer with his family—thanks to the generosity of YOU. 

Special Thanks: Lynne Fincher and family, Carlile Transportation, TOTE Maritime Alaska, Recycled Cycles Seattle, Numotion, Drew Jolly, Mobility & Access, Inc., Wish-granting volunteers Dorothy Laiti and Jodi Blakley, The Alaska Club Fairbanks, Beaver Sports.

I haven’t seen him smile that much in years, and that is no exaggeration. ”

— Kerry, wish mom

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