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Brooke’s wish leaves her grinning from ear-to-ear

Brooke wished to have braces.

“ Brooke has a beautiful smile but she would hide it. Now she is much more confident and excited to be seen smiling; she can be free now. ”

- wish mom, Jeannine

After a year of treatments and hospital visits, fourteen-year-old Brooke was able to smile again when you helped grant her wish to have braces.

In July 2015, Brooke’s teenage years took a turn when she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called aplastic anemia. “One day, I saw that she was so white,” said wish mom, Jeannine. “I had seen this before in her younger sister who had cancer, and I knew something was wrong.”

The treatment process isolated Brooke from the world as the hospital became her temporary home. But thanks to your generosity, Brooke had the opportunity to smile a little brighter when her wish was granted. 

“I had been wanting braces for a long time,” said Brooke. “I know it’s kind of weird to wish for braces, but I had a tooth that bugged me and really wanted it fixed.”

To Brooke, getting braces was more than just fixing her teeth; the braces brought her the confidence and strength to smile big once again. And because Brooke has a special gift for putting others before herself, she knew that her wish would be a huge financial relief on her family. 

This is not the first time Brooke’s family has had to overcome difficult times. Brooke’s youngest sister and former wish kid, Jovee, had cancer, and her other sister, Shyanne, passed away from a heart condition. But instead of losing hope, Brooke and her family continue to search for the goodness in life. With your support, you helped give Brooke’s family something to look forward to. 

“This whole process has made me realize how fragile life is,” said Jeannine. “We don’t come with an expiration date, so you have to love and enjoy life because you never know how long it will be.”

You took a source of stress away from Brooke’s family by granting her wish. Her family can now smile happily knowing that there is an entire community supporting them.

“We are truly grateful for all the people who sacrificed time and effort to make these wishes happen,” said wish mom, Jeannine.

Wishes like Brooke’s are possible because of your generosity. If your company or organization is interested in adopting a wish, contact us at or 800.304.9474 to get started today.

“When you’re bound to an illness, it’s nice to know you have something to look forward to; it’s a form of healing,” said wish mom, Jeannine.

Special thanks to Johnson Orthodontics and wish-granting volunteers Melani Allert and Amy Dewey.

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