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You helped Thomas travel to the Arctic Thunder air show

Thomas wishes to go to the airshow. Photo courtesy wish family

“ He loved being at the airshow. ”

- Thomas, wish dad

Four-year-old Thomas, battling leukemia and chronic lung disease, lives in a remote Alaska village. He loves airplanes and trucks, and he especially loves giving hugs.

Despite his medical challenges, Thomas has a lot of energy, and nothing makes him more excited than watching airplanes take off and land.

In his short life, Thomas has needed many plane and medevac flights from his remote village to the hospital in Anchorage. All the while, his love for airplanes has remained strong. During hospital stays, he enjoys watching airplanes out the window.

When presented with a wish, Thomas decided he wanted to watch some of the most exciting airplanes of all in the Arctic Thunder air show. He couldn’t wait to witness the Blue Angels.

“When Thomas saw the Blue Angels, his eyes lit up. It was the perfect wish for him,” said his wish-granting volunteer, Mary.

He gave hugs, high fives, and he even got to pose with the pilots on his dream day.

Thomas’ wish gave him the chance to be a kid again, not just a hospital patient.

“He loved being at the airshow.” said Thomas’ dad, Allen.

Because of supporters like you, Thomas experienced his heartfelt wish. Thank you for giving him the chance to watch his favorite airplanes and take a break from his medical challenges.

Special Thanks: Ravn Air, JBER Special Needs Day Association, Alaska Air Show Association, Kenai Fjords Tours, Crowne Plaza Midtown, Aurora Charters, Wish-granting volunteers Mary Christopherson and Misty Villastrigo

When Thomas saw the Blue Angels, his eyes lit up. It was the perfect wish for him. ”

— Mary, wish-granting volunteer

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