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You helped Samuel envision his future

Samuel's gaming wish helped him envision his future.

“ Going to Riot Games was an eye-opener. I was reassured that I want to have a career in game design. ”

- Samuel, wish recipient

For 17-year-old Samuel, playing video games is more than just a hobby. Gaming has been a significant part of his life since he was a little kid.

Samuel is a bright teenager who leads a very busy life. Not only does he attend high school and take college classes, he also lives with cystic fibrosis. Samuel’s medical condition makes it hard for him to breathe, so he is unable to play a lot of physical sports. All of his treatments can take up to four hours a day. At times, dealing with cystic fibrosis is a lot for him to handle, especially since he’s already pushing himself to further his education.

That’s why Samuel was thrilled to have an opportunity that any gamer could only dream of. He wished to visit Riot Games, creators of the game “League of Legends.”

In Samuel's spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his family and friends.

He even uses video games to pass the time during breathing treatments, and to connect with family members across the country. Often times, he’ll play video games to keep in touch with his uncle in Texas. “Video games have always been a tradition in my household and a way to stay connected,” he said.

When Samuel learned that he was going to Riot Games, he was beyond excited. Aside from meeting professional League of Legends players, there was another surprise in store.

Samuel got to create his own character, thanks to a generous donation from gaming commentator and critic John Bain. Bain won a “Design a Champion Prize” for referring more than 10,000 new players to the game and decided to donate his prize to Samuel. “I didn’t use the prize for myself because I saw it as an opportunity to make someone very happy,” Bain said. “I wish Samuel all of the best in his fight.”

Each wish like Samuel's is made possible because of the generous support of our community.

Samuel created a champion named Kadarin. When asked to describe Kadarin, Samuel said, “Just picture Kadarin as a bounty hunter from outer space.”

The trip to Riot Games was not only a wonderful experience for Samuel, it also sparked an interest in pursuing a career in the game design field. “This wish has given me motivation to push myself even more in school, so I can reach my career goal of designing my own games one day,” he said.

When you help grant a wish, you replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. Each day, at least one child in Alaska and Washington is diagnosed with a critical illness, and they aren't all receiving wishes.

Can you help?

Special thanks to Riot Games, Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles, John Bain and wish-granting volunteers Ken Kieffer and Paul Mader.

I don’t think my parents will ever top that as far as vacations goes. ”

— Samuel, wish recipient

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Kunal S

I'm glad you got the opportunity to visit Riot Games! Best of luck in pursuing your career in video game design, you can do it!

March 21, 2016 - 5:38 PM

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