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Robin Follows Alice to Wonderland and Finds Happiness

  • Robin explores Wonderland.

  • The Cheshire cat gives Robin climbing lessons.

  • Robin follows a clue to find Alice

  • Robin enjoys a delightful breakfast with the queen of hearts

  • The Cheshire cat helps Robin and Alice
    © Henry Alva Photography

  • Robin and the Wonderland cast

  • Robin walks though the Wonderland cast tunnel
    © Henry Alva Photography

  • Robin hugs Alice tight after their magical adventure together
    © Henry Alva Photography

“ This day is flawless! ”

- Robin

Adopt-A-Wish Sponsor: Jeannie Nordstrom

When eight-year-old Robin was lying in bed while undergoing treatment for a brain tumor she would daydream about her favorite story, Alice in Wonderland. She wondered what it would be like to go on her own adventures with Alice by her side.

Robin in WonderlandTwo years later, Robin's dream became a reality thanks to Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington.

It all began one unexpected Saturday afternoon when the White Rabbit, played by co-founder of Theater Simple, Llysa Holland, surprised Robin at home with an invitation to play croquet with the Queen. It was pointed out that she had "nothing to wear to this very important date." Before she knew it, she was in the private "Wonderland-inspired" suite at Nordstrom, created especially for her by the store’s design team. They nibbled on cookies and drank tea while she searched for the perfect dress.

Once properly outfitted, it was off to the Space Needle to find a clue that led them "up the Rabbit Hole" onto the observation deck. They searched for clues below which led her to her next stop: The Ruins private dining club. Here she was joined by other Theater Simple actors who doubled as the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Teapot and Dormouse. "The ability to brighten a sick child's day is what drove me and the entire team at The Ruins to put everything we could into our portion of her wish,” said Marla Forster, club secretary of The Ruins.

After this motley crew was finished, it was off for a sunset sail in a 42' Catamaran to the gorgeous Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, WA. The Reserve would become Robin's version of Wonderland.

The following morning the family enjoyed breakfast with Alice, the White Rabbit, Frog Footman and the King and Queen. The day was packed full of croquet playing with hedgehogs, riddle and puzzle solving, and a picnic that ultimately led her to victory, winning the Queen's crown.

Robin in WonderlandAfter a most elaborate, fun-filled weekend, the entire cast and crew that helped make Robin's wish come true said goodbye and sent her home in a seaplane.

There was laughter and tears, but most of all, there was joy. Her mom, J.T., said "As we landed on Lake Union in the seaplane, Robin said, 'I never thought I would have a flawless day in my life. This day is flawless, so far!'"

Special thanks: Wish granting volunteers Alyssa Chrobuck and Jill Logie, as well as Theater Simple, Bloedel Reserve, Nordstrom, The Ruins, Space Needle, Bayview Limousine, British Motorcoach, Jennifer Randall and Associates, Howard Miller, Peak Creative Media, Seattle Seaplanes, Echo Charters, Seasons of Thyme Catering, Millcreek Multimedia, Henry Alva, Autum Covert, Vincent Yee Studio, James McCullough, Mary Forster, Hansen Brothers, and many more who came together to help grant Robin’s wish

Robin’s wish sparked a little ray of sunshine, a sense that something wonderful was in the works for her. This was especially helpful during ‘down’ moments. ”

— J.T., Robin's mom

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Tai Terry

What a creative wish!

April 10, 2013 - 2:12 PM

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