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Liberty’s German Fairytale Wish Takes Her on a Surprising Adventure

  • A beautiful view of the Alps is something Liberty and her family will always remember.

  • A trip to the top of the hill is easier by gondola.

  • A stroll down the streets in this Bavarian wonderland with her dad was just what Liberty needed.

  • Liberty takes in the view overlooking the Alps.

  • The entire family made memories they will cherish of their adventures in Germany.

  • Liberty would agree that pedaling through Bavaria is the perfect way to see the sights.

“ The wish gave her something special to look forward to and helped take the focus off the sadness of her disease. ”

- Jennifer, Liberty's mom

If you were to watch eleven-year-old Liberty crawling inside a giant plastic bubble on the surface of a lake in Munich, Germany, you probably would not guess that this tenacious girl is battling Friedreich’s Ataxia, a life-threatening genetic neurodegenerative disease.

Liberty’s currently untreatable condition has meant she fights daily battles while also looking into an unknown future.

But that hasn’t stopped Liberty from dreaming big.

How did Liberty end up in a giant plastic bubble on a German lake? It all began many years ago when her father spent time abroad in Germany. Liberty has heard her father’s stories of the German culture, language and landscape for as long as she can remember. By first grade, Liberty began writing and speaking German. Her father makes her spätzle for dinner, and talks to Liberty about the German trains, castles and gelato he remembers.

So, Liberty decided to make all her father’s stories come to life with her own German fairytale adventure when she made a wish through Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington to visit Germany.

“Liby was very excited about the Make-A-Wish opportunity,” said Jennifer.  “The wish gave her something special to look forward to and helped take the focus off the sadness of her disease.”

Liberty had many adventures with her family while in Germany, including eating gelato, exploring salt mines, riding rollercoasters, visiting castles and even transforming into a fairytale princess. 

“Our family is very grateful for this amazing opportunity and blessing to travel together as a family and experience the culture, the food, and the sights of Southern Germany,” said Jennifer. “Everyone we interacted with throughout the wish process was so kind and seemed genuinely interested in making this experience as wonderful and memorable as possible for our sweet Liby.”

Today, Liberty has her own German adventure stories to tell and cherished family memories to keep with her when the tough times come.

“We love and appreciate this organization,” Jennifer said.

Special Thanks: Wish-granting volunteers Dana Webster-Smith and Laura Bruce, Diamond Airport Parking, Make-A-Wish® Germany

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Christine Zelinsky

Make-a-Wish is amazing, and Liby rocks!!!

June 26, 2014 - 11:03 PM

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