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Julia wished to go to Florida to meet princesses

Julia wishes to go to GKTW

“ It was amazing seeing her so happy. ”

- Wish mom, Kelly

Thanks to you and your support, wishes give kids like Julia a chance to feel free from their medical challenges.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out to dinner with your family and not be able to order anything? You’d have to sit there while everyone else enjoyed a meal.

That’s everyday reality for 10-year-old Julia who is battling a life-threatening connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Julia is constantly on IVs and she travels to medical appointments several times a month. There are only a few foods that she’s allowed to eat.

But Julia doesn’t let her medical condition define her.

She loves spending time with her friends, and she especially loves riding horses. According to her mom, Kelly, “Julia loves horses. She says that she has no disabilities when she’s on top of a horse.”

When Julia found out she would receive a wish, she started to cry. Like riding on a horse, this was a chance for her to leave her disability behind and spend a happy week with her family.

Julia wished to travel to Florida to meet princesses and stay at Give Kids the World, a village with activities designed specifically for kids with medical conditions.

Before she left home, Julia experienced a princess send-off at a local spa with her best friends. They received royal treatment—everything from painted nails to fancy hair dos.

The royal treatment continued on the airplane when Julia received a pilot hat and VIP tour of the cockpit.

Julia and her family had planned to go to all of the amusement parks, but the activities at Give Kids the World were so perfectly geared toward her abilities that she didn’t want to leave. She rode the train, went golfing and attended the Pirates and Princess Party.

“The non-stop smile from the moment she woke up. It was amazing seeing her so happy,” said her mom Kelly.

The best moment happened in an unlikely place for Julia: at the ice cream palace at Give Kids the World.

Like so many other times, Julia arrived at the restaurant with her family and sat down at the table. But, this time was different: when the waitress came to take her order, she asked Julia if she would like to order ice cream. Her special ice cream. And, of course, they had her favorite flavor--vanilla!

“I think we take for granted ordering food,” said Kelly. “For Julia, not ever getting to do that, and then getting to do that on her wish. That is pretty special.”

Magical. That’s the word Kelly used to describe the wish experience.

Julia and her family are so thankful to you and all those in our community who make wishes come true. Did you know that 1 in 4 children like Julia does not receive a wish? 

Special thanks to Give Kids the World, Elements Spa and Salon, Walt Disney World® Resort and wish-granting volunteers Sheri Harvey and Elisia Dalluge

The wish gave Julia hope that there are things beyond a life centered on medical challenges. ”

— Wish mom, Kelly

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