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You gave Haley the chance to pursue her dreams

Haley's wish to be a zookeeper took her and her family to San Diego!

Haley and family got a break from the realities of living with a critical illness.

Eleven-year-old Haley loves animals. “They’re so soft and so cute,” she said.

Haley’s affinity for animals dates back to her early childhood and a fondness for the family pup. That’s why it came as no surprise that Haley, whose vision is deteriorating due to a nervous system disorder, wished to be a zookeeper at the San Diego Zoo. There, she experienced the tactile elements of being a zookeeper: petting, feeding, and even getting slobbered on by the animals!

Haley fed an okapi during her wish to be a zookeeper. Haley's wish to be a zookeeper took her and her family to San Diego!

Haley and her family got a break from the daily realities of living with a critical illness. Haley’s wish was a chance for her to focus on being a kid again!

For kids facing a critical illness, a wish is an opportunity to replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope.

A wish-come-true helps give kids with critical illnesses the strength to keep fighting. These awe-inspiring wishes don’t just happen—it takes support from partners like Macy’s to transform the lives of wish kids and their families. This past holiday season, Macy’s raised funds for Make-A-Wish across the country through its Thanks for Sharing and Believe campaigns. Thanks, Macy’s, for your continued support and commitment to transforming lives, one wish at a time!

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