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Your Support Brought Charlie’s Family Closer than Ever


“ He came back with such an energy. He has this renewed hope. Instead of asking ‘when do I have to go back to the doctor,’ he’s asking ‘when are we going to take another trip?’ It’s completely changed his focus. ”

Seven-year-old wish kid Charlie has always had a larger than life personality. Everyone who meets him is immediately engaged and can tell there’s something really special about him. It was at the age of four and a half, however, when Charlie and his family knew something was wrong. Charlie started experiencing frequent, painful headaches. After about six months of countless doctor appointments, Charlie’s family’s life was changed forever when a specialist discovered the root of the problem – a brain tumor.

“Charlie has been through a lot in his little life,” said Charlie’s mom, Melissa. “There’s not much time to think about fun.”

Charlie and his family live on a small, working ranch and his mom is a small business owner. If they get the chance to spend time together, it’s always taking care of medical things. Before Charlie’s wish, the only family trips they had been able to take were trips to Charlie’s medical appointments three-and-a-half hours away.

That’s where your support came in!
Charlie’s wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort not only gave him the chance to have fun and feel like a kid again,it also gave him the chance to spend quality time with the most special people in his life, something he had never had before.

Charlie and his family visited Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and LEGOLAND! “That child ran the legs off of us!” said Melissa. “There was nothing he didn’t do … It was truly something special.”

That’s because a wish gives children renewed energy and strength and brings families closer together.

For Charlie and his family, this wish gave them a week without cancer in their lives. They didn’t have to think about the next medical bill to pay or the next appointment to schedule. Instead, they thought about the next ride to go on and the next picture to take. They got to feel like a connected family again.

Charlie’s experience was far more impactful than just the memories made. “He came back with such an energy. He has this renewed hope,” said Melissa. “Instead of asking ‘when do I have to go back to the doctor,’ he’s asking ‘when are we going to take another trip?’ It’s completely changed his focus.”

A wish creates an experience of achieving the impossible for wish kids and their families. It gives them the ability to look beyond their illness and believe anything is possible. For Charlie, that manifested in his schooling.

“(Charlie’s) tutor said to me the other day, I don’t know what happened, but this kid is transforming,” said Melissa. “He’s suddenly remembering letters, putting words together. It’s like something clicked when he just had this week of time. I can’t tell you enough. I’m not in any way exaggerating the effect. It was a transformation. It was amazing.”

Wishes matter. That’s why Charlie’s family is so passionate about making sure other kids are able to experience a wish come true. Right now, we have enough children waiting for their wishes to fill more than seven school buses. Those children are waiting because we don’t have enough volunteers or money to support their wishes.

Charlie said it best as he threw his arms wide and shouted, “Make-A-Wish makes kids feel alive!”

You can help other kids see the impossible as possible by becoming a volunteer or donating cash or airline miles. Children with critical illnesses need your help today!

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