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You can provide a lifetime of memories for kids like Ally

  • Ally’s buckled in and ready to go at the Iditarod ceremonial start!
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Ally rides with Iditarod musher Heidi Sutter
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Alaskan wish families cheer Ally on at the finish line!
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

“ It’s a dream come true to be able to spend time with the dogs and go mushing in the Iditarod. ”

- Ally, wish recipient

On the first Saturday in March, in downtown Anchorage, dogs leapt in the air, barking and howling with zeal for the trail ahead.

Fourteen-year-old Ally shivered with excitement. She slipped a harness over the nose of one of the race dogs. She gave each canine a pat on the head. And, when Heidi Sutter’s Iditarod team was lined up in front of the sled, Ally climbed inside the dog sled.

Ally’s Iditarod wish was happening at last!

Ally had been dreaming about the Iditarod for many years from her home in Utah. Dreaming about the famous sled dogs Balto and Togo while undergoing daily breathing treatments for cystic fibrosis, a disease that she’s been battling all of her life.

When the sled dogs barked and the voice over the loudspeaker said, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!” Ally wasn’t thinking about her medical condition one bit.

“It’s a dream come true to be able to spend time with the dogs and go mushing in the Iditarod,” said Ally about her experience.

Ally’s battle with cystic fibrosis is a lot like a 1,000-mile race to Nome. It requires courage, endurance and perseverance. Here’s to you, musher Ally, for your courageous fight and to our generous local partners who helped to make her wish come true.

Right now, we have many Alaskan kids like Ally waiting to receive a wish. See how you can help make wishes come true.

Special Thanks: ExxonMobi, Alaska Zoo and Crowne Plaza Hotel

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