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You brought Alex and his family closer together

Thanks to your support and generosity, Alex had a reason to keep smiling.

“ Going to Disney World brought our family closer together and allowed Alex to be a kid again. ”

- wish mom Davina

Days before his third birthday, Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. What started out as a normal day of playing outside turned into a nightmare when he fell down and his kidney began bleeding internally.

“Alex was acting like a normal kid,” said wish mom, Davina. “If he hadn’t fallen, we would have never known that anything was wrong.”

Alex was airlifted to the hospital where doctors discovered a Wilms’ tumor growing in his kidney.

Soon play dates with friends and outdoor activities were replaced with hospital visits and chemotherapy treatments. But this change never kept Alex from being a source of positivity for his family, even throughout the harsh recovery process.

“Doctors had never seen anything like it before because he was so optimistic in the hospital and always playing around,” said Davina.

Thanks to your support and generosity, Alex had a reason to keep smiling through this dark time.

When Alex was given the opportunity to make a wish, the decision was easy. It was only fitting that such a happy kid would choose to go to the happiest place on earth: Walt Disney World® Resort.

Alex spent the week of his dreams in Florida meeting his favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, eating ice cream for breakfast, and making friends with other kids that had received wishes to go to the theme park as well.

Alex autographed gifts for the club at school that supported his family during his journey.

“Being around the other kids with life-threatening conditions was so special because for once they were all the same,” said Davina. “Back at home, Alex is constantly reminded of how different he is.”

Alex’s older brother, Caleb, also played a huge role in Alex’s story. Caleb started a club at school which supported Alex and other kids receiving treatment at the hospital. To thank them, Alex bought everyone in the club Mickey Mouse backpacks which they all asked him to autograph. Alex not only got his dream vacation, but also became a local celebrity!

Today, Alex is officially cancer-free and the memory of his wish lives on. “Going to Disney World brought our family closer together and allowed Alex to be a kid again,” said Davina. “It’s amazing that there are people in Eastern Washington and the Pacific Northwest that are there for us and loving us through everything.”

You make a difference.

You are the key to Make-A-Wish meeting the opportunities that lie ahead. If you stand with us, every eligible child can receive the renewal of a wish experience. And, you’ll feel incredible knowing that you helped to make that difference.  You can help wish kids rise above their illnesses by making a donation or becoming a volunteer.

“I am forever grateful for the family that adopted our wish,” said Davina. “I truly hope that they get back all that they have given to us.”

Special thanks to an anonymous Adopt-A-Wish sponsor and wish-granting volunteers Kimberly Carper and Megan Itani. 

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Jessica Muller

We are a Wilms family and are heading to Disney after treatment is behind us. I'm so happy to hear Alex got his wish and that he is doing well now. Much love.

June 06, 2018 - 4:46 PM

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