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Up, Up and Away! Erik Makes a Wish of Heroic Proportions

  • Electron Boy saves Seattle!
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Electron Boy arrives at the scene of the crime in style.
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Electron Boy and Lighting Lad discuss the mission.
    © Photo courtesy of Puget Sound Energy

  • Electron Boy saves the Seattle Sounders.
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Electron Boy is awarded the Golden Scarf for his bravery.
    © Photo courtesy of Sounders FC

  • Electron Boy is on his way to save Energy Jim.
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Electron Boy signs a fan's helmet.
    © Photo courtesy of Puget Sound Energy

  • Electron Boy defeats Blackout Boy!
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

  • Electron Boy is now a proud holder of the key to the city!
    © Photo courtesy of the wish family

“ His wish gave him an energy boost and buoyed his spirits like nothing else. ”

- Jeremy, Erik's dad

World Wish Day

Rescuing the Seattle Sounders, innocent civilians and capturing the bad guys is a tall order for some superheroes, but not for Electron Boy, Western Washington's newest crusader! It was all in a day's work for Electron Boy (otherwise known as his secret identity, 13-year-old Erik) whose superhero efforts have garnered media attention and fans worldwide.

A Seattle superhero is bornA superhero is born

It all began with an urgent call from Spiderman. Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy were at it again and there was only one superhero capable of stopping them.

Without missing a beat, Erik slipped into the red, blue and yellow superhero costume, grabbed his light saber and headed out the door to bring his arch nemesis to justice.

His sidekick, Lightning Lad, briefed him on Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy's evil plan to rob the city of light and imprison innocent civilians in the process.

Answering the call of duty

Like a sight from a movie, the motorcade (which stretched about a mile and shut down several major freeways) was off to CenturyLink Field so Electron Boy could free the Seattle Sounders from a dark locker room. Faster than a speeding bullet, Electron Boy used his luminous powers to free the team. They were so grateful that they escorted him onto the field, took pictures and gave him a signed soccer ball and team jersey. And then, the celebration came to a halt.

Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy appeared on the big screen with a message that they were wrecking havoc on Puget Sound Energy. The convoy rushed to the scene of the crime where hundreds of people were awaiting his arrival.

As his DeLorean pulled up, the cheers were deafening. "Electron Boy save us," one fan shouted.

Like he had done at CenturyLink Field, Electron Boy freed "Energy Jim," who was stuck atop a bucket truck, with one powerful hand movement. A grateful bunch greeted him with cheers, smiles, handshakes and a personalized comic strip of his superhero adventures. But the festivities were interrupted with another video transmission from Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy. Once again, they had struck. This time, they had trapped some Make-A-Wish staff members at the top of the Space Needle and only Electron Boy could save them.

Trouble finds Electron Boy again

They were off to this Seattle landmark. Hundreds of fans were lined up at the base of the Space Needle waiting for him to rescue the poor civilians trapped atop the Needle. As he carefully stepped out of his car, Electron Boy and Lightning Lad were face to face with Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy.

The Standoff

There were a few tense moments and some heckling, but without any notice, Electron Boy used his powers of super speed, energy and light to charge ahead and freeze the villains, stripping them of their powers and turning them good.

Dr. Dark led the crowd in a cheer of "Hip, hip, hooray" and Spiderman presented him with a medal of honor and a plaque from the Superhero Club. Seattle City Council Woman, Sally Bagshaw, issued a proclamation and gave him a key to the city and a grand celebration followed with pictures, cake and a sparkling cider toast to Electron Boy. Erik's wish of being a superhero was a super success in Seattle.

A wish never fades:
We are sad to report that Erik passed away. He was a true superhero and an inspiration to us all in the way that he lived his life and how he courageously battled his illness. He was a shining light and will be missed. Thank you, Electron Boy, for sharing your bravery, courage and inspirational message of hope with our local, national and world communities.

Special thanks: Wish granting volunteers Lisa MacKay and Heidi Hardy, the Electron Boy cast of characters who made Erik's wish come to life: Seattle Sounders FC, Puget Sound Energy, Space Needle, Bellevue & Snohomish Police, Seattle Children's Theater, Rob Burgess (Lightning Lad), Sally Bagshaw - Seattle City Council Member, Costco, Branded Solutions by Edgar Martinez, the DeLorean Club, Spiderman, Bayview Limousines, Mister T's Trophies, Northwest Label/Design, Inc., Tri-Film Productions, Inc.

Erik's incredible wish has been a source of inspiration not only for him, and our family, but for the local, national and even the world community. ”

— Jeremy, Erik's dad

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