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Former wish recipient wishes it forward

Tiffany Rowe

“ It reminded me that I was somebody before the sickness started and would be somebody after. ”

- Tiffany, wish recipient

By the time Tiffany Rowe was 16 years old, she had fought for her life and won not once, but twice.

At just 12 she was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia –complete bone marrow failure. Instead of birthdays and holidays at home with family and friends, she celebrated in a hospital bed with doctors and nurses by her side. Part of her childhood was lost the day she was diagnosed, but pieces of her life were given back when she received the gift of a wish.

“That wish experience helped me get clear about who I was apart from being sick,” she says. “It reminded me that I was somebody before the sickness started and would be somebody after.” Simply put, Make-A-Wish gave her hope.

Tiffany’s wish helped heal her. “Make-A-Wish means everything to me. It’s part of the foundation of who I am. It’s part of our family.”

Now a wife and mother, Tiffany says her son and daughter know about the meaningfulness of Make-A-Wish. In fact, they recently hosted an online fundraising campaign in honor of her 30th wish-iversary! Tiffany and her husband contribute financially to Make-A-Wish and she has served on the board of Make-A-Wish of America.

“My husband and I have included Make-A-Wish in our estate plans because service to this mission is consistent with our values as a family,” says Tiffany. "It’s also an easy way to give that fits with our finances.  I can’t afford to give Make-A-Wish right now what I can give later, when my husband and I no longer need our assets.  Most importantly, I want my love and passion for Make-A-Wish to outlive me, and for future generations of wish kids to have the experience that I had.”

For more information about how a planned gift could change your life and support the life-changing work of Make-A-Wish, visit, or contact Melissa Arias, president and CEO at 206.623.5312 or

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