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How my wish impacted my life

  • Gabbi strikes just the right pose modeling a futuristic dress.

  • Gabbi signs autographs for her adoring fans as her personal bodyguard looks on.

  • Gabbi went all out getting her hair styled - asking for red streaks specifically!

  • Macy's pulled out all the stops, giving Gabbi a dressing room and special chair.

  • After consulting with the photographer, Gabbi is ready for the perfect shot.

  • A last minute adjustment from her personal assistant ensures Gabbi is camera ready.

  • Gabbi shared her special wish experience with her mom.

  • Today, Gabbi is a college student and recently interned with the Make-A-Wish volunteer department.

“ That wish, that one day, changed everything. ”

- Gabbi, 2008 wish recipient

My wish may have happened eight years ago, but it’s something that I truly will never forget ... and let me tell you why.

When I was younger, I was stuck with going in and out of hospitals and doctor’s appointments, being bed ridden and even hospital ridden for over a year. I never had a day that I didn’t have to think about medical issues, because they impacted my everyday life.

That wish, that one day, changed everything. I remember it like it was yesterday, being stuck in yet another scan at the hospital, but at that scan, I learned about Make-A-Wish, and it took off from there. I met a wonderful group of people that were so excited to be around me and work to make my wish of being a model for a day come true. Every single step of the way, I was treated like royalty. I was amazed at all the opportunities I got to partake in, that were not even part of my wish. I felt special, but in a good way unlike so many other times struggling with my medical challenges.

When my wish day arrived, it was a day I could never forget. I got every single thing I wanted, and it was completely void of any thoughts related to my diagnosis. I got my hair and makeup done, stayed at a fancy hotel, modeled clothing and got pictures taken! Even though it was just one day, it was one extravagant day that was just what I wanted. Days, weeks and even months after, people recognized me from the newspaper article and TV about my wish! So, my wish to be a model took on a life of it’s own even after the actual wish day, and ... it still does. 

Today, eight years later, I still feel that my wish day had a major impact on my life. I loved the idea of being in the fashion industry when I was “modeling” and therefore, I am now getting my BA in photography to become a fashion photographer! I keep in contact with my wonderful wish coordinator at Make-A-Wish and I even volunteered as an intern one summer, too! I will forever be grateful for everything everyone did for me on that special day. I never once took that opportunity for granted. It was overwhelming ... the joy I had then and even today, when I talk about it, I smile.

It made me feel really good that I had all these people who cared about me. ”

— Gabbi, 2008 wish recipient

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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