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Wish kid from 1998 has a message for Ken Griffey Jr.

Adam wished to meet Griffey Photo courtesy of wish family

“ The wish really put me on cloud nine. ”

- Adam, wish recipient in 1998

This weekend Ken Griffey Jr. will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Fans from across the country and world remember Griffey’s amazing career—his 630 career home runs and amazing 22 years in the big leagues.

Former wish kid, Adam, has lots of those memories too. But he also remembers his wish to meet Ken Griffey Jr. 18 years ago!

Picture this: It was 1998. Adam had spent much of the year in the hospital battling a chronic lung condition. His body was pumped with steroids. He loved playing baseball, but during this time, all he could muster was watching baseball games on television—and Ken Griffey Jr. was his favorite player.

Not the best way to get ready for his freshman year of high school.

That summer, Adam found out that he would receive a wish—and he knew right away that he wanted to fly from Pennsylvania to Washington to meet his sports idol, Ken Griffey Jr.

The wish happened in June of 1998. Two hours before a game, Adam and his family met Griffey.

“The wish was so much more than a handshake,” said Adam. “Ken Griffey Jr. really made an effort.”

Adam and his family spent time in the dugout of the King Dome and watched warm-ups and batting practice. Griffey talked to the family, and even gave Adam one of his jerseys.

“The wish really put me on cloud nine,” said Adam. “I still have Ken Griffey’s jersey on my office wall.”

Even today, nearly 20 years after his wish was granted, Adam remembers how Ken Griffey Jr. made him feel—like a kid again.

On this special day, Adam has this to say to Ken Griffey Jr. “Congratulations, and thank you for making my wish come true.”

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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