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Host a Wishes in Flight® Airline Mileage Drive

Airline travel remains Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington's single largest expense.

Right now, nearly 80 percent of our wishes require airline travel, and we estimate it would take 100 million miles to grant all of the travel wishes we have. Currently, less than a quarter of the miles we need to send more than 315 kids and their families on their wish trips are covered by donors like you. 

Make-A-Wish supplies you with all you need to easily hold an airline miles campaign in your office. Foster teamwork and help those in your community by coming together to help make wishes come true! If you are interested in hosting a corporate mileage drive, please contact Carrie Jensen at 206.623.5307.

You can give flight to wishes like these

Jonathan wished to go to New York City.
I wish to go to New York City
Jonathan, 7

Seattle to New York
250,000 miles for a family of five
Noelia wished to go to Hawaii.
I wish to go to Hawaii
Noelia, 10

Seattle to Honolulu
350,000 miles for a family of five
Riley wished to go to Japan.
I wish to go to Japan
Riley, 11

Seattle to international destination
750,000 miles for a family of five


What a wish truly does is beyond amazing. You gave my son back some of his confidence and got him interested in trying things he would never have done before. You made my son my son again. ”

— Emma, wish kid Riley's mom

Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles do we need to raise?

We recommend setting a minimum goal of 275,000 miles. Every 65,000 miles donated equals a free roundtrip ticket!

Airline mileage donations support Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington locally. These are unrestricted miles and may be applied to any wish child and family. 

How long should the mileage drive last?

Mileage drives can last for one day or go as long as two weeks.

From what airlines does Make-A-Wish accept mileage donations?

We work with Alaska Airlines, Delta and United. 

American, JetBlue and Southwest fliers are welcome to donate their points or miles to Make-A-Wish. However, we are unable to apply these points or miles towards your mileage drive total as they may not be directed in full to our local chapter by Make-A-Wish America.

What resources does Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington provide?

We will work with you to set a goal, select a timeframe, create a personalized toolkit that features a wish child, create a customized web link, and provide miles raised updates throughout the campaign. 

Ready to get started?

Please contact Carrie Jensen, corporate giving coordinator at 206.623.5307.

Donate your miles today!

We also happily accept miles from:

Alaska Airlines

Donate Alaska Airlines Miles and select Make-A-Wish

Company Miles Drive Participants

If you are participating in a miles drive fundraiser at your company and have questions, please contact: 

Carrie Jensen
Corporate Giving Coordinator
206.623.5307 | Email

Your donated miles can close the gap!

Currently, less than a quarter of the miles needed each year are covered by donations.

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