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You can provide a lifetime of memories to kids like Lucas

Lucas’s wish story starts when he was just a baby

“Our journey through medical crisis has been a long one,” said his mom, Therese. “When Lucas was just 7 months old, he suffered an acute renal injury that left him fighting for his life.” Since that time, Lucas has spent much of his life in and out of hospitals where he faced treatments and surgeries, battled complications and fought for his young life with a vigor that still leaves Therese in awe. You can see the sparkle in her eyes as she talks with pride about her son.

When wishes come to life 

Lucas's wish is the brightest experience. 

Along this long and complicated medical journey, Lucas was asked one seemingly simple question: What is your wish?

Lucas immediately knew he wanted to share his wish with family and friends in a place where he has spent the most memorable and fun days of his life. He wished for a two-day extravaganza at Camp Korey, a camp for children with serious and life-altering medical conditions.

Now 11 years old, Lucas’s story is also one of hope, strength and joy, thanks in part to his wish come true.

This year, Lucas’s wish comes to life once again at the annual Wish Night® Gala & Auction. Lucas and Therese will share the impact a wish has on not only the child themselves, but also their family and friends.

An enduring impact

Wish Night is just one night a year, yet the funds raised bring a lifetime of memories to wish kids and their families. Wishes offer children and their families a beacon of hope that’s not steeped in the languages of hospitals, trauma or pain. And a wish come true helps kids feel stronger, more energetic and more willing to battle their life-threatening medical conditions.

“The families and the special child need to have a memory of an awesome wish to give them something to smile about on dark days and something to help them heal,” says Therese.

You, too, can help

Thanks to generous support from donors like you, Wish Night Gala & Auction has become our largest fundraising event.

It’s not too late: you can help kids like Lucas receive their wishes, even if you don’t have a ticket to Wish Night.

Make-A-Wish accepts gifts of airline miles, stock and more. See how you can help make wishes come true.

Special thanks to our Wish Night sponsors.

Sophia wished to meet Felix Hernandez.

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