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Home run! Cullen Catches Up with Felix Hernandez

  • Cullen received an autographed glove to commemorate his wish experience.
    © Ben Van Houten Photography

  • Felix took Cullen on a personalized tour!
    © Ben Van Houten Photography

  • Cullen and Felix hit it off like long-time friends
    © Ben Van Houten Photography

  • Cullen and his family had the chance to hang out in the dugout.
    © Ben Van Houten Photography

  • Cullen had the chance to meet and greet with other players as well
    © Ben Van Houten Photography

  • Cullen's wish day was an unforgettable day for the whole family.
    © Ben Van Houten Photography

“ The experience is so much bigger than the wish itself. ”

- Shelley, Cullen's mom

"One in a billion... These are the words you want to hear if you have the winning lottery ticket in your hand… not the words you want to hear from your child’s doctor when they are attempting to diagnose his medical condition," said wish mom, Shelley.

Cullen meets Felix HernandezAt 12 years old, Cullen was a medical anomaly living with Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis and Severe Obstructive Lung Disease. "The doctors were stumped," said Shelley. "They had never seen anything like this before."

When life seemed to spiral out of control, Cullen did have control of one thing: the opportunity to choose a wish from Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington. Cullen chose to meet Mariners' All-Star pitcher, Felix Hernandez. The morning of his wish, he was picked up in a Hummer limo and dropped off at Safeco Field where he was outfitted with his very own custom Mariners' jersey. Once properly dressed, he spent the rest of the afternoon receiving a behind-the-scenes tour of the press room, dugout and Clubhouse. Finally, the big moment arrived, and Cullen met Felix. The two hit it off like they had been friends for years. Felix gave Cullen an autographed baseball glove to commemorate the experience. Later, Cullen and his family watched the Mariners' game from a private suite.

"The experience is so much bigger than the wish itself. It is the excitement and anticipation of the wish day, and the happiness it continues to generate as we reflect upon the memories of that special day," shared Shelley. For their entire family, it was a great reminder of the support of their community through a difficult time. "A wish teaches kids that they are not only cherished by their families, but by those in their community. It shows all of us that we need one another and we are not alone. Even in the worst of times, there is a silver lining."

A wish never fades:
We are sad to report that Cullen has passed. Cullen was so impacted by his wish, he worked to raise more than $12,000 for Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington so that other wish kids could experience the same joy his wish brought him. His wish continues to inspire those in the community and we are so grateful to have brought Cullen and his family hope, strength and joy.

Special thanks: Wish granting volunteers Tom and Jen Faley, the Seattle Mariners, Felix Hernandez, Jack Zdureincik, and Ben Van Houten Photography

A wish teaches kids that they are not only cherished by their families, but by those in their community. ”

— Shelley, Cullen's mom

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  • When a wish is granted, a child replaces: • fear with confidence • sadness with joy • anxiety with hope When Miguel's wish was granted he sent us these photos and this lovely message: "All my life I asked why did I have to be born with a bleeding disorder. My wish changed my point of view perspective on my bleeding disorder. If it wasn’t for my bleeding disorder I wouldn’t have been able to see and meet such a beautiful island! Thank you so much make a wish I lived up to this moment. Everyday I woke up with a strong faith of wanting to live to have this amazing experience! I’m proud to say I’m a wish kid and this was my wish !"

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