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Our 4,000th Wish: Colin has a Whale of a Time!

  • Colin can't wait to go on his whale-watching adventure.
    © Suzanne Fogarty Photography.

  • Colin enjoys a chat with a parrot.
    © Suzanne Fogarty Photography.

  • Colin receives true VIP treatment and gets personal tours of other boats!

  • He can barely contain his excitement!

  • Colin finally gets to go on board "The Odyssey!"

  • Colin teaches everyone all he knows about sea life.
    © Suzanne Fogarty Photography.

  • Colin peruses the ocean for sea life.
    © Suzanne Fogarty Photography.

  • Colin beams with joy every time he spots a whale!
    © Suzanne Fogarty Photography.

  • Several whales surfaced to say hello to Colin!

  • Colin and his family enjoy the sunshine on board "The Odyssey"

“ We feel blessed. What you do for families is so awesome! ”

- Kellie, Colin's mom

Charles William Bebe, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Dr. Eugenie Clark. Chances are that you may have heard of one of these famous marine biologists; however, four-year-old wish kid Colin knows them all.

Colin and mom

This energetic little guy is like a walking text book when it comes to all things under the sea. His love of whales and marine life started at the age of two. At that time, he was already teaching his mom, Kellie, about whale sharks and sea life. Initially, she thought he was just talking about creatures that he had imagined. But it wasn't long before she realized that he was actually stating fact, not fiction. "When he tells me something about sea life now, I believe him," said Kellie.

It's that love of the ocean that influenced Colin's decision to go whale watching for his wish, which happened to be our 4,000th wish granted!

Colin was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia when he was only 15-months-old and went through years of treatments and procedures. Because his immune system was so fragile, Colin wasn’t allowed to play like little boys usually do. But his Make-A-Wish experience presented a new day with the focus on him and not his illness. 

After much anticipation – Colin would ask each and every day if today was his wish day – his magical day finally arrived. With all hands on deck, he and his family set sail to go whale watching in Friday Harbor, Washington. He received VIP status aboard the boat and was given a special proclamation on behalf of the Mayor, who declared it Colin's Wish Day in Friday Harbor. Soon thereafter, his excitement peaked as the whale watching ensued aboard the San Juan Excursion's flagship boat, "The Odyssey."

While out to sea, he and his family saw a pod of 19 orca whales, harbor seals, a bald eagle, sea lions and even two rare Minke whales!

This special day ended with a trip to the Whale Museum and a visit to the beach. Colin was as happy as a clam—or perhaps a whale!

Special thanks: Wish granting volunteers Kerry & Emily Volland and Susan Boothe, San Juan Excursions, Friday Harbor Mayor David Jones, Council Woman Carrie Brooks

We feel blessed. What you do for families is so awesome! ”

— Kellie, Colin's mom

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