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The Years after a Great Wish

  • Erik's wish resonated not just with his family, but the city of Seattle and the world.

  • Wish recipient Erik with wish dad Jeremy and wish mom Judy.

  • Erik's wish was inspirational for the whole family, especially younger brother Kenny.

“ Erik was all about helping others. ”

- Jeremy, wish dad

Six years ago, on a warm and sunny spring day in Seattle, my son’s wish took place.

We woke up and went through our typical morning routine as we normally did, but today was different. The excitement in the air was palpable. The entire family knew we were in store for a fun day, but we never imagined it would make the forever impression that it did on our hearts, those in our local, national and world community.

I won’t recant all the amazing details about his wish because you can read all about that for yourself, but I do want to tell you about how six years later, Erik’s wish continues to live on even though he lost his battle with cancer.

In spite of his medical fragility, Erik never dwelled on what was, but rather on how he could help others. This idea of helping others was at the crux of his wish to be transformed into the superhero and these values are his legacy.

Erik, Kenny and the Bellevue Police.Erik’s younger brother, Kenny, was an understudy on his wish day. He watched his brother live by a code of great kindness, compassion and an indomitable spirit to always see the good in others. There was no greater day that this shone than on Erik’s wish day. Since then, Kenny, has taken Erik’s example and made it his own practice.

He provides a loving, helping hand to children with various serious disabilities both at home with foster children and at school. It doesn’t go unnoticed and in his own way, Erik’s superhero powers continue to shine through Kenny’s actions.

I, myself, have had a chance to play superhero, too. I helped grant a wish for young boy who wanted to see and play with his brother in the snow. The Make-A-Wish staff who worked on Erik’s wish contacted me for help because they knew I was on ski patrol. Everyone in my skiing network knew of and loved Erik’s wish, so when I told them about this new wish request, they bent over backward to create a spectacular weekend in the snow. People from every department of a local ski resort got involved. Five-star accommodations were provided, wonderful gifts were purchased, the finest meals were prepared, snowball fights ensued, tobogganing took place, surface and chairlift rides abounded, and much more happened to create memories to last a lifetime for everyone involved. Once again, the spirit of Electron Boy lifted up an entire community.

Jeremy guides wish kid Kodiak up the mountainside during Kody's wish to see snow.

In April, it will have been six years since Erik’s glorious wish day. And, since that time we have seen his quiet and powerful influence shape others. Several other wish children throughout the world have made similar wish requests to be a superhero and each time, I can’t help but think of Erik’s very own special day and how it might have played a hand in helping these other children see themselves as the superheroes that they truly are, battling their life-threatening medical conditions daily.

A great wish like Erik’s can drive so many more wonderful ideas to serve children in need and I’m so proud of his lasting legacy.

I can't help but think of Erik's very own special day and how it might have played a hand in helping these other children see themselves as the superheroes that they truly are. ”

— Jeremy, wish dad

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