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A wish has the power to transform the life of a child, a family and a community...forever.

Research shows children who have a wish granted build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness, giving them a higher quality of life and better health outcomes Yet 1 in 5 children in our community with a critical illness don't receive a wish. That means they're not getting everything they need to help them fight their illness.

Priceless wish experiences take investments of both money and time, so your gift is crucial for kids battling a critical illness. We hope you'll read some of the amazing and inspirational wish stories so you can see how a wish allows everyone involved to experience true happiness, giving children renewed energy and strength, bringing families closer together, and uniting communities.

Lucy wished to be a singer.

Wish Stories

An extraordinary amount of work and care goes into granting wishes. Learn more about wishes and their incredible impact on kids, families and communities.

Read about our amazing wishes and how they come true

Wish Facts & Impact

Wishes are powerful. A lot goes into granting them. Learn how they happen.

Alexis records the voice of her animated character.

Share Your Story

Share your personal recollections about a Make-A-Wish® experience.

Alexis wishes to share her story.

Alexis Wishes to Share her Journey

When Alexis chose her wish, she surprised everyone by selecting a more abstract wish: an animated character of her story.

Aiden's wish to be a super hero came true, thanks to our community.

Aiden's wish brings a community together

Five-year-old Aiden becomes western Washington's newest superhero, all thanks to the community.

Mila wished for an in-home pottery studio.

Mila's wish celebrates her mom

Mila and her mom have always shared a love for creativity, and looked to art as a respite in the midst of Mila’s treatment for a brain tumor.

Alexander and Bradon share a passion for bugs.

The tale of two young entomologists

Born 13 years apart, Alexander and Bradon forged an unlikely friendship over their similar wish experiences.

Kylie wished to go to Hawaii with her mom.

Kylie's Wish Becomes a Selfless Gift

Kylie wanted to show her gratitude and do something special for her mom by taking her to Hawaii.

Devin in Hawaii.

Devin Pays his Wish Forward to Bring Joy to Others

Devin's wish leaves a lasting impact on other families during his trip to Hawaii.

Thomas wishes to go to the airshow.

You helped Thomas travel to the Arctic Thunder air show

Thomas wished to go to the air show in Anchorage.

Adora goes to Disney World.

A Little Magic Rubs off on Adora in Disney World

Seven-year-old Adora's trip to the Magic Kingdom sparks her imagination.

Jace wished to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Wishes in a Half Shell! Turtle Power!

Five-year-old Jace decided to meet his heroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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