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Become a Volunteer

We rely on more than 600 volunteers throughout Alaska and Washington to help grant the wishes of children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Every volunteer plays a vital role in helping us achieve our mission.

Our volunteer application process is as follows:

  1. Email Colleen Cramer with your city and state for access to the online Wish Granting 101 orientation.
  2. Successfully complete Wish Granting 101 online orientation.
  3. Complete a phone interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  4. Complete the Volunteer Application packet.
  5. Complete the online National Background check (for a cost of $26.03).
  6. Attend a two and a half hour online webinar wish-granting training.

Ready to get started? E-mail with your city and state for access to Wish Granting 101.

Background Checks

To assure the safety of our children, we perform a national criminal background check on all of our applicants. The cost is $26.03 and can be reimbursed upon request. You must be 21 years or older to volunteer. All information in the volunteer application, and any acquired through the background check, remains confidential and is used only for screening and placement purposes.

If a blemish appears on a background check it may be reviewed by our management team to determine if acceptance of a volunteer application is in the Chapter's best interest.


About our Volunteer Program

For questions or additional information about our Volunteer program, please contact:

Colleen Cramer
Volunteer Coordinator


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